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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wildseed Farm - Part 1

A couple of days ago my hubby, daughter and I took a drive to a wonderful old town: Fredericksburg, TX. It's about 1 1/2 hrs North of San Antonio. We went for the sole purpose of buying wild flower seeds for our back yard. Our yard is a little big for us and it's pretty much all weeds. We'd heard that we can just throw out some wild flower seeds in October and have a field of flowers in spring. We thought it was some kind of feed store or tiny little nursery. Boy, were we wrong!There is a barn like building full of beautiful accessories for your home, your garden and even boutique-like clothing.
The grounds are full of beautiful Texas landscaping from desert to lush, almost tropical settings.
This is my daughter standing next to a huge hibiscus flower. The plants were full of these gorgeous flowers. The size of the flower is unbelievable! They weren't kidding when they said everything in Texas is bigger!

Walking around to the back are rows upon rows of beautiful wildflowers. Butterflies were fluttering in and around the flowers.
The variety and color of these beautiful flowers is amazing. Each row is marked with the kind of flower it is along with its needs and habits.

Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them and see all the details up close.When we went back in the store, we knew exactly were to go...the seed section. The walls were lined with all the flowers we'd seen and more. There are little packets of specific varieties, or different kinds of blends.
We got a large package of Texas wildflowers, a smaller package specifically for hummingbirds and butterflies, and ten packages of different sunflowers. We also purchased a jar of the yummiest honey and pecan sauce. It is so deliciously yummy! On the way home, we stopped by a fruit stand and bought the juiciest and sweetest peaches ever.
Wildseed Farms ships all over and have different blends of each region of the United States. You can click here to go to their site.
I'll be posting the real treat we found at Wildseed Farms in a couple of days. It was the most magical experience!


Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hello Sweetie,
I`m glad to know that you had a lovely time shopping for your garden and can`t wait to see the end results in Spring.
While you have a "huge" garden I have the smallest garden in England, and still find that the days are not long enough to look after it, plus it does rains a lot, not like where you live...
Which is good in some ways...
I wish I could come and help you doing yours!
Kisses Kisses

P.S- I love the music that you chose for your blog, while I`m here sat on on the chair in front of the computer, I`m dancing to your music also!
The kids think I "lost the plot." LOL

LouAnne said...

Wow! Thanks for the reminder of our visit to that same place. It was during "bluebonnet season" and of course we bought way too many seeds to bring home and try in California. Also I bought the prettiest garland of glass grapes and leaves for my Italian wine themed kitchen. Now I wish I'd bought a couple more. Next trip!

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Oh, I'm so jealous!!!! I have ordered seed from them in the past and just love wildflowers!!!!! Nothing more wonderful than when those butterflies come and grace your flowers with their presence! I would have loved to walk with you through those flowers!!!!
Thanks for sharing!


Liz said...

Hi Patricia!
Thanks for coming to see the debut of my "new magazine" : ) LOL....
I have always wanted to go to Fredericksburg .... I always see it mentioned in my favorite magazines. I hope you remember to post pictures in
the spring. I can't wait to see it all planted!
Come back and see me again!

Memphis Mimi said...

I have some very important information for Cora on how she can get some help with her cancer treatment. I left a comment on her last post but there are so many comments that I don't know if she will see it. If you know how to get in touch with her please have her email me at or
check out my comments on her post 2 days ago about her family helping her pay for her meds. Thanks. Love your site. Will look at it more closely later. Right now I have to get Cora's attention. Thanks.

LouAnne said...

again, your email to me was a no-reply one. You asked about the seeds we bought. We actually haven't scattered them yet. Will be doing so in October when it is the apparent time we should here in No.Calif.

Karen said...

Lovely Blog! Just love your embroidered linens and country photos. Beautiful!

Karen at Ciderantiques

Juri said...

I just love the flowers....and the wildflowers are my favorite! I also read your last post and fell in love with the vintage bedspread and throw beautiful!!! What a great blog, I will be sure to visit again and again!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Check out those Hibiscus!!!! I love them! Your daughter is adorable, too!!

I like the idea of tossing seed and watching it grow. Do share with us what yours end up looking like. How exciting!

Did you have a good time in Fredericksburg? Any antique stores? I have always wanted to take a trip there. The old buildings built by the Germans look like they would be interesting, - not to forget to mention those darling old homes.


Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow! What an awesome place!!! I wished I lived closer... *sniff snifff*

Dani said...

Patricia, you won my giveaway..please email me .I left a message on your website too with my email address.


Julie said...

Everyone in Texas should spend a couple of days in Fredericksburg. It is such a fun place with so many interesting surprizes - Enchanted Rock, The Wild Flower Farm, The Herb Farm, The antique stores, Trade Days, unique shops and what a fun place to ride your motorcycle too.

Bernideen said...

Can I put a link on my blog to you - I love your blog!

Bernideen's TeaTime Blog

Renee's Reproductions said...

WOW, beautiful flowers! Love all your pictures!
xo Renee

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh you lucky girl! That looks like the trip of my dreams. I could walk those field forever.


Solange Belém said...

Patricia, wonderfull place!
Que lugar lindo, com borboletas, flores e tudo o mais!
you are lucky girl. Parabéns!