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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Story of Mr. Bingles

 Once or twice a year, I go to California on a linen shopping trip. My sister-friend Colleen, above, and I always shop at a wonderful antique store (can't remember the name of it since we just walk in without looking at the sign LOL).
 These gorgeous curtain panels ($198.00/each) are made of white, off white or taupe linen. They're stunning!

 The same dealer uses linen and canvas to upholster old benches, make pillows, etc.

 This amazing white linen tablecloth is beyond words beautiful in person. Unfortunately, it's way out of my budget ($200.00). However, inspiration is priceless, and this definitely inspired me to create my own linen items.
 Anyway, back to Mr. Bingles.  While looking and digging for treasures, I found an adorable vintage cement cat tucked away under a dresser. He's a Siamese cat and even has blue eyes. He was marked at $88.00 in the antique store, but I was able to talk them down to $50.00.  Sounds like a pretty good deal...
 However, I was visiting CA, but live in TX. He weighs 16 pounds and I had to ship him home.
 Here's Colleen calming him down before putting him in the $23.00 box and peanuts for shipping. Plus I had to pay postage at $22.00. It cost me $45.00 to ship him!! LOL
But I HAD to have him to watch my pond.

Isn't he too cute! Mr. Bingles, you're worth all $95.00 to me.