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Friday, February 27, 2009

Beautiful Crocheted Pillowcases!

Although life is good, it is very challenging and has been taking up much of my time. I haven't really had a chance to make posts the way I'd like, or share my thoughts lately. And with everything that's been going on (nothing bad, just busy), I haven't had time.

The easiest things for me to talk about are linens. And since I've posted a lot of picture of embroidered items, I thought I'd share some beautiful crocheted pillowcases.

This beautiful pair of PC's are hand crocheted AND embroidered. I love it when I'm lucky enough of find something like this. It's very rare, at least for me, to come across a pair of pillowcases that are expertly crocheted in my favorite colors of pink, have great embroidered detailing AND are in excellent condition.

Aren't they beautiful!" Love the pink and white and a touch of green in the embroidery

When I bought these wonderful purple pillowcases, I thought the were a pair. But when I got them home and really looked at them, they aren't exact. One pillowcase is bigger than the other, but you can tell they were made by the same person. Hubby's pillow must have been bigger than the wife's (or vice versa).

The crocheted inserts of pink stand up roses on these pillowcases goes all the way across the bottom edge. Usually it's only a small part of the pillowcase. I like the extra special touch of the yellow centers, too. How cute is that?

Just look at all that work! Sometimes I wish I can do crochet like that...Ok, LOTS of times, I wish I could crochet like that, but the amount of time involved seems daunting to me. I'm so glad there were and are ladies out there willing to do it so that you and I can enjoy their work.
I usually buy pinks, blues and lavenders, but when I saw these gorgeous sunny pillowcases, I had to get them! They're beautifully hand crocheted in such a happy color. I just know they'll be perfect to brightens some ones bedroom. How can they not? They're gorgeous!
Hope you had fun looking at these beautiful pieces of art!
Patricia :o)
These pillowcases will be available for purchase shortly at my eBay store.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Basic Care of Vintage Linens

I often get asked how to care for linens. It’s pretty easy and not as scary as some people might think. So here are some very basic cleaning and storage tips for vintage linens that have worked for me. *

This first method is what I use when I bring home a new batch of linens. I feel that sanitation far out weighs any damage that might come to the linen. Most of the linens I find have been stored for years and years in attics, basements, etc. so I want to be sure they’re CLEAN before I bring them into my home and yours.

Washing vintage linens really depends on their age and condition. Pre-treat any spots with a commercial spot cleaner. (I use Spray N Wash or Shout) Soak if necessary- see recipe below. If the item is relatively new (40 year or newer) and there are no structural problems, I wash it in hot, hot water with Tide and oxy clean or Biz on the gentle cycle - slow agitation, slow spin, double rinse, and tumble dry on medium. I pull it out of the dryer while it's still hot and lay them flat so as to avoid as many wrinkles as possible.

Fresh out of the dryer

If the linens are yellowing or have age-related lines, pre-treat with a spot cleaner, and soak in hot water with equal parts of Tide with color safe bleach, Oxy-clean and (believe it or not) Cascade Automatic Dish Washing soap in powder form. Dissolve all the powders before adding your linens. Stir often with a heavy spoon, plastic broom handle, etc. Soak for up to 48 hours, stirring every so often. Then rinse really well, and launder as usual.

If you’re washing something you already own, hand washing is best, but washing on gentle in the machine is ok, too. To extend the life of your linens, it’s best to line dry until just damp, and then toss them into the dryer for a few minutes so that they’re nice and soft.

This darling towel clearly states my daily activity. It's a keeper!

It’s best to iron embroidered pieces from the wrong side. Turn pillowcases inside out and press on medium high heat. Turn them right side out and just do touch ups. Only use starch when you are going to use your linens right away. DO NOT store items that have been starched as it may cause yellowing, attract bugs and even cause fiber breakage. Don’t iron creases into linens, and fold them only after the fabric has cooled.

Stacks of sweet smelling, clean linens!

Store your linens inside where they won’t be exposed to moisture, too much heat or too much light. Never store linens in plastic bags or plastic bins as this may cause CFC gases to be released onto your linens which causes yellowing. (Citric acid – Lemon Juice – usually will take care of that, but why go through the bother). Also, plastic traps moisture which can lead to mold and mildew. Try not to fold your linens the same way every time. The best way to store linens for long periods of time is to roll them around acid free paper and wrap with acid free paper.

If you have a truly antique piece or a prized heirloom piece from Grandmother, please consult a professional.

*Please remember that although I deal with linens on a daily basis, I am not an expert and am just passing along what has worked for me over the years. These are merely suggestions and no guarantee is implied or stated. Sometimes, no matter what you do, little holes appear after cleaning and some stains just don’t want to come out.

(This adorable laundry bag hangs in my laundry room. It's another keeper that is just too cute to let go. I had trouble with it hanging straight so that the image was easy to see, until I had one of those "Ah Ha" moments. I just slipped a large piece of card stock in it. Now it hangs perfectly and I can enjoy it every day!)
Thanks for stopping by. Blessings!!
Patricia :o)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Great saddness

Yesterday my heart stopped as I read the blog of a very dear friend. She lost her oldest son. Her name is Becky (I wrote about her give away only a few days ago). I met her years ago through eBay, and although we've never met face to face, I can tell you that I count her as a wonderful and loveing friend.

This news has left me so saddened. I can't let go of it. I just can't imagine the pain and anguish and suffering that must be going on in her home. It's something that I just can't wrap my mind around. He was a healthy, handsome very young man. He was a good son and happy, so full of life.

I wept when I read the news. I wept as I fell asleep, and even now, my heart continues to weep.

There's nothing I can do for her, nothing I can say. Even to say that I'm here for her is a big joke. How can anyone ever say or do anything that will make her feel the slightest bit better. Thankfully, she, her husband, and her younger son are a wonderful and tight family. And, with even greater thanks, she and her family knows our Lord, who truly is the only one who can walk with them through this valley.

I just don't have the words to express how I terrible I feel. Please hold her and her family up in prayer.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shamelss Plug!

I just HAD to share these gorgeous vintage pillowcase I have up for sale on my eBay store. I know this is a shameless plug, but I can't help myself!

If you love the chic & shabby or the romantic look. You'll LOVE these. If you love pink roses on white cotton you'll LOVE these.

These are done in the prettiest pink floss and minty green leaves. The openings are beautifully trimmed with a pink hand crocheted trim.

Just look at the gorgeous hand work! Can you just imagine the time it took to make these?

They're in excellent condition, too!

I wanted to share these beautiful pillowcases because they are just too gorgeous. Even if you're not interested in purchasing them, I thought you'd enjoy looking at them.
BUT if you are interested, you might want to act fast. They are listed as a buy-it-now for $34.99 (free shipping in United States) in my eBay store.
They'll be listed until February 9th or until some one buys them. Click Here or on any of the pictures to go to my eBay store.

SOLD - Thank you!

Monday, February 2, 2009

GREAT giveaway from Sweet Cottage Dreams!

Becky, at Sweet Cottage Dreams, is have a wonderful giveaway. She's giving away so many beautiful things, you gotta vista her! Not only is she VERY talented in all the pretty pillows and banners that she makes; not only does she have the pretties blog with fun and beautiful posts; not only does she have one of the cutest Scottie dogs; But she's also one of the nicest ladies I know in blog land.
I "met" her several years ago through eBay and she's just a sweetheart. You'll enjoy participating in her giveaway, and I know you'll just thoroughly love her! So be sure to drop by and give her a big shout out from me! Hugs and smiles,