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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Favorite Linens

I love to work with old linens and admire the beautiful hand work done on them. Most of the time I find them, clean them up a bit and sell them. But every once in a while, I'll come across something I really like. Then I KEEP it!

This gorgeous single pink rose pillowcase is expertly hand embroidered. I wish you could see the tiny even stitches this master embroider did. The leaves are done in slightly different colored greens that gives this such a life-like appearance. A beautiful pink and white hand crocheted trim goes all the way around the opening. And the cotton fabric is bright white with the most luxurious soft feel to it. I love it.

I can't remember where I found these adorable Days of the Week dishtowels. There were only 4 days out of seven in this set, but I didn't care. I HAD to have them when I found them. They are of little angel girls doing house work in the sky, among clouds, stars and the moon. There is so much detail in each little scene! I think they're simply adorable!

When I lived in California, I loved to have tea parties (I'm still in the process of finding friends here in Texas, so I haven't had any here yet.) This is a set of four Wilendure rose napkins which I LOVE to use with a very soft pink cotton tablecloth (also looks wonderful with a white tablecloth). It adds just enough roses to make everything so sweet and pretty. Trouble is, often times, my guests are reluctant to use them. I remind them that linens are meant to be used. Why have them if you can't enjoy them? (And besides, I can usually get out any stain that may pop up)

This is a very old piece that I love and treasure. It is a sweet little doily that is done with hand made lace. Can you believe that!? I was trying to learn the difference between newer lace and the old hand made lace, but I could find anything in real life to compare. So a very dear friend, gave this amazing piece to me. This was done with tape lace that is arranged, folded, sewn and hand attached to make up all the pretty details.

I wish my camera and I did a better job of capturing the details. This is so dainty and delicate, but amazingly sturdy. I can't even begin to imagine the love and patience it must have taken to make this.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tagged!! GREAT blogs for you to visit & a little about me

Seven things about me you may not know:
1. I love to cook, but have a hard time thinking what to make for dinner every night.
2. I used to play roller hockey on a co-ed league where I was the only woman.
3. I'm afraid of color! (All the walls in my home are beige!!)
4. My favorite music is metal and/or heavy metal (though I love almost all music).
5. I can do a little painting, drawing, sewing, crafting, but am master none.
6. I was born in Argentina and speak fluent Spanish.
7. I've played the piano since I was 11.

I was tagged by Nan at La Chambre Rose . What a great way to get to know new people and invite others to visit you. Everyone loves a friendly "Hello" so be sure to visit these beautiful blogs:

Lisa at A Thing for Roses makes great finds on her treasure hunts, then transforms them into beautiful things for her home.

Lea at Farmhouse Blessings is so creative and one of the nicest ladies! She also has a great giveaway going on until May 26th. Be sure to drop her a note and enter.

Becky at Just Bee'n Me has a wonderful blog and she is so very talented, too. You gotta check it out. She's got some great things coming up. Don't miss it!

Gina at Patra's Other Place lives in Australia and has a gorgeous collection of vintage linens. She's the one who first inspired me to start blogging and has several blogs of her own. Thanks Gina!

Michelle at Rose Garden Romantic is such a sweet and friendly lady. You'll love her! She makes beautiful altered art that brings back the beauty of years gone by.

If you want to see some beautiful (amazing really) embroidery, please stop by Yesteryear Embroideries. Kathleen does magic with needle and floss! Talk about talented!!

Last, but not least, is Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams. Becky is the sweetest, nicest lady you will ever meet. She has the most wonderful blog! I promise you won't be disappointed if you visit her.

If you have been tagged, here is what is requested:
1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Date Day Part 2: Crazy Bird People

Do you remember when you were younger how there was always one house in the neighborhood that was full of bird feeders, bird baths and an old bent couple who fed them? I remember thinking, "Whew, I hope I never end up like those crazy bird people!" Well guess what...I did! Except now I don't think it's so crazy. I LOVE my little feathered friends that come and visit me.
(This is a double sock thistle feeder that works great! I've counted up to 19 birds on it all at
once. These are males & females of the American Yellow finch and the Lesser Yellow finch)

Last Date Day, we stopped by a little store in Boerne (the one with the wallaby) and bought several bags of bird food and a couple of new bird feeders. Keep in mind that we already had four or five feeders out, but of course we love birds and needed more.

We also did a little antiquing and bought the top of an old cement water fountain. It's a cute cherub holding up a bowl. It will be perfect for holding peanuts. The hole in the center (where the water would come up through) is perfect for drainage so that if it rains, the peanuts won't flow away, but the water will.

These are the two new feeders. The birds love the tall one, but don't see too interested in the dome. I need to find something much more yummy to bribe them with.

As soon as we had everything hung up and went inside, this beautiful cardinal came down to see if we had dropped anything on the way in. Isn't he so handsome?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Date Day with my Hubby and a Wallaby

My husband is fortunate enough to get every other Friday off of work. We've made a commitment that these Fridays will be used for "us" rather than for the errands, chores, etc. We figure that there will always be something important to do, but we won't always have an opportunity to have dates. Last Date Day we traveled 40 miles North to a charming little town called Boerne (pronounced Burn-ee). It is just adorable and Main Street is lined with wonderful antique stores. This is the 2nd time we've visited and I'm sure it won't be the last.
We had lunch at the Boerne Moon Bakery & Cafe, which is a charming old German style cafe. Floyd had a BLT and I had a delicious open face Ruben Sandwhich. It was good!

We walked across the street to a sweet little old house that was being used as a store. I think it's called The Little Nature Store. We went inside and found that it was mostly full of all kinds of things for attracting birds to your yard.

As we were paying for our (many!) purchases (more on that in a future blog), I heard a nibbling sound coming from behind the counter. Kind of like a mouse or a Guinea pig chewing on wood. Of course I had to ask what it was. The lady, very nonchalantly, said, "Oh, it's my baby wallaby. He's chewing his dinner." Now, I happen to know that wallabies (sp?) are not indigenous to Texas and, in fact, come from Australia. Anyway, she bends down and comes up with the cutest little animal ever! He was so sweet and friendly, too. I got to hold him and love him, and he just gave me little kisses and kept licking my hands.

This little guy was the cutest little animal I've ever seen. He was so sweet and gentle and loved being with people. What a cutie!

Post Script:

The lady is a trainer/handler from Sea World here in San Antonio and he is in the process of being socialized to be around people for an animal awareness show/program offered at the park. He is being fed kangaroo chow (I didn’t even imagine that they made such a thing) and some kind of milk. I can’t remember what it was, but I DO remember that it wasn’t kangaroo or cow’s milk. He’s not her pet and will not be living in her home. I guess I should have mentioned all this before, but I was so excited to share his pictures that it didn’t occur to me. Thank you, Gina, for reminding me that these little critters DO NOT (and should not) make good pets, no matter how cute they are when they're babies.
Patricia :o)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Clean Windows and Wet Noses

Clean windows - Wet Noses

'nough said...

These are my two pooches. Nala is a German Shepard mix that's about 9 years old and Cody (short for Dakota) is a Rott mix that's about 4 years old. Both are girls and as you can see they're pretty big dogs. I think they know they're big, but I don't think they know they're dogs. They're always so offended when they're put outside (you know, "out", where big dogs are supposed to be). They spend a huge chunk of their valuable time doing their job - sleeping in the house.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vintage Shabby Bedroom

I have a wonderful friend. Teri, who lives in the most charming house in Santa Barbara, California. She has a very unique and eccentric style and loves to mix old with new. Her guest room is full of gorgeous linens and amazing finds. Teri loves to travel and has been all over the United States and the world, so she's always picking up little treasures.

The bedding is a mixture of brand new, kind-a old, vintage and antique. I don't know how she does it, but she throws it all together and it works. She has several embroidered and crocheted pillowcases that she uses as shams. Then she tossed on a couple vintage needlepoint tapestry pillows. Both comforters are fairly modern. The bed skirt is a stunning piece of dripping hand crochet. I don't know what it was in its previous life, but Teri turned it into a gorgeous dust ruffle. (I wish I thought of taking a close up photograph of it!)

It's difficult to see clearly, but Teri hung an antique open-work curtain above the bed as a sort of head board. It is snow white with a sweet cherub in the center done in cut work and white embroidery. She clipped on little rings and slid it all on a curtain rod near the ceiling. This is simply enchanting!

There is an antique glass covered book shelf full of some of her favorite linens. And at the food of the bed is a beautiful vintage cardboard box topped with a tole tray and several round boxes.

There are even more linens neatly stacked in a tall glass front book case. It is so much fun to go to her house and just look at all her linens. She has TONS! The wall hanging is of hand embroidered roses, and the little dresses are hand embroidered ethnic clothing.

She uses a simple but charming chest of drawers as a dresser and topped it with vintage Southern Belle prints, vases and accessories she's picked up in her travels. Every time I visit, I find she's added something new and exciting.

I LOVE what Teri's done with her lamp shade! She's draped a couple of old doilies over the top of the lamp shade. The quality of these doilies is amazing, but they have a couple of small "issues" (small holes or flaws). Layering them over the lamp shade is a marvelous way to disguise their imperfections.

Safety Note: Make sure that there is venting at the top of the shade if you copy this idea. Use low wattage bulbs and don't leave the light when you're not in the room (and awake). Doilies usually have built in vents, but 'ya gotta make sure that safety comes first.

The nightstand is draped with a embroidered vintage runner and has a lovely display of paper dolls and lace artwork, and a rose print peeking over the top of them.

There are so many things I love about this small but roomy retreat. But my favorite is the window. Vintage, white on white embroidered curtains are hung at the window for privacy. Teri had a friend hand paint a rose covered trellis all the way around it. The yellow roses are simply Divine! And the detail in the iron work is amazing. What a wonderful way to finish off this charming room!