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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thrift Shopping with Deanna

Last Thursday, I went shopping with my new blogging friend, Deanna from Timeless Things. (She was attacked by fire ants that same day and is in terrible itchy pain. Please say a prayer for her and stop by her blog to say hi if you get a chance.)

We only met once before, but after spending an hour or two with her, we feel like we've know each other for ever. She's a very sweet and lovely lady.
I forgot to take my camera with me, so I didn't get photos of us or the places we visited. I think we went to four different places, plus Chic Fillet where we had lunch. Anyway, I only have photos of what I found to show. Hopefully when she feels better, she'll post a few photos of her own. (She found a TON of cute things).

I found PINK! Two pink sweater tops and a vintage pink slip.
The beading at the top of this sweater is all hand sewn. Whew! I can't imagine the time that took!
This pretty pullover feels like it's made of cashmere and has hand embroidery and hand beading on the collar/yolk. How pretty is that!?

Here are some little trinkets I couldn't pass up: A wicker-like magazine basket that I'm going to line with pink rose cotton fabric and use as a waste basket in my sewing "room", some white rose scented drawer liner, old books, a vintage lipstick holder and a couple of little nick-knacks.

Then, we Deanna's help, I hit the jackpot of vintage Ferragamo shoes. But they're much too small for me, so I'm going to see if I can sell them. Oh, and I also found a vintage 1960's Vera scarf.

It was a blast shopping with Deanna. She is VERY knowledgeable and knows her collectibles. I can't wait to shop with her again!


Patricia :o)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Round Top, TX is a tiny little town with the population of 77 most of the year. But in the spring and fall it explodes with thousands of people, both selling and buying antique and vintage items of all eras.
Even with all these people, it's very safe. But I'm glad that they have mounted police to keep an eye on things. After seeing the traffic, I can appreciate why they need horses to get around quickly. I thought it was very cool! (I had to include this picture because I love horses!)

There are ALL kinds of great finds and vintage treasures. I took a ton of pictures, but thought I'd keep it down to just a few to give you an idea.

Of course, I couldn't resist looking at linens. They were all over the place. Though I have to admit that often times they were very pricey and not in the best condition. (However, I did manage to find a few good things to bring back. Yeah!!!)

These are all pillowcases. This lady had TONS of them and other linens. But they were a little high and she wasn't willing to deal. Oh well...It was fun looking!

Are these pillows gorgeous or what! They were big, heavy, goose down pillows that made you just want to jump into them. I think they were about $48.00 each which, although they didn't fit into my budge, I didn't think they were that expensive for what they are.

More pillow strewn all over the bed. So soft, cozy and luxurious! Wish I could get them all. Or even just one!

I loved this display of different vintage pillowcases shown on one bed. The colors didn't necessarily match, but they worked together great anyway.

These are the same pillowcases. It looked nicer in person because the cushions turned out too dark in the picture. Check out the headboard hanging above the headboard. Love it! I even like the way they look together.

I highly recommend you go to this show if you ever get a chance. It's a party just walking around and looking at everything. There is just so much. I tried taking pictures to show it's vastness, but none did it justice. You can click HERE to go to the site for the show in the fall. Their pictures are WAY better than mine.

Patricia :o)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Las Brisas Farms

We just came back from visiting a huge antique show that comes by twice a year near Round Top Texas. I'll be posting about that later, but I wanted to share with you the place we stayed during our trip. Be sure to read (or jump) to the end for a wonderful offer Las Brisas Farms is extending to our military returning from Iraq & Afghanistan.

This is the little cabin we stayed while recuperating from our shopping trip in Round Top. It is very sweet, cozy and comfy. We LOVED it! It was built to look old and weathered, but it's brand new and has all the creature comforts.

One thing we really enjoyed was that there was no TV in our little cabin (There ARE televisions in the other units). We spent our evenings walking parts of the 40 acres that surrounded us in the beautiful country. It was wonderful to just watch the wildlife and listen to the breeze. No need for words, though we did dream about the future a lot while there. We also played cards (which Floyd always won!)

There is a beautiful lake, two gazebo like structures, an outdoor fireplace & chimney, swings and benches everywhere so you can take in the views and most importantly...peace and quite.

Las Brisas Farm is located just 1 mile outside of a lovely historic town called Fayetteville. It's the kind of town that rolls up the sidewalks at 6:00pm. There are old Victorian houses all over town, and just driving through can make your mouth water at the sight of these old homes so lovingly preserved and cared for. They're not big and grand. But they are cute, sweet and very cottage-y.

Here, we're sitting on a swinging bench at the back of the pond facing the buildings on the property. Although the structures are not that far apart, you do have a wonderful sense of privacy there.

There were fields and fields of beautiful bluebonnets, our state flower. The "farm" is situated on 40 acres and about 30 acres were just COVERED in bluebonnets. The pictures do not do them any justice. You have to see it to believe it. Just Gorgeous!!

I almost forgot to tell you about the delicious breakfasts that Kathy prepared! The food was outstanding. We just wanted to keep eating and eating! It was easy to tell that a lot of love went into each morsel.

Kathy and Eldon own and operate this beautiful establishment. They are the nicest people you could ever be blessed enough to meet. It's like meeting up with old friends the moment you say hello. As we pulled into the drive, we were greeted by June and July, their golden retrievers. They follow Eldon every where he goes and even rides in his golf cart around the property.
Las Brisas Farms specializes in weddings, retreats and special gatherings. But, on a few occasions a year, they open it up as a B&B. Click here to visit their website and get more info.
Kathy and Eldon wanted a way to show their pride and gratitude for our service men and women who are serving our country. They have opened up their B&B and hearts and are offering 1 or 2 night stays at no charge for returning veterans. The idea spread and now there are almost 30 B&B's in Central Texas doing the same. Please visit for details.

Kathy and Eldon have asked us to pass along this flyer to help spread the word. With their permission, I'm passing this information along.
Patricia :o)