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Monday, October 25, 2010

Oooo! Scary!

After I had some fun with my Woof and Poof doll, I kinda had to keep going. I have a little niche in my entry hall that I thought would be fun to decorate.
There's lots of pictures, so I'll try not to talk to much. LOL!!
 Spirits of Ammonia!!

 Eye of Newt - (black eyed peas in hair gel and neon green food coloring)

 Yikes! Shrunken heads
The stair well is right across from the niche, so of course I had to decorate that, too.
 I coffee stained a piece of muslin so it would look old, and brought in an urn from the back yard. (the plant had died anyway). Topped it off with an old bird cage.

 I found this adorable little feathered owl at Michael's. I didn't know what I was going to do with him when I saw him.  Poor little guy probably didn't know he would end up behind bars.
Happy Halloween,
Patricia :o)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thrifty HALLOWEEN!!!

Isn't it amazing how one little purchase can influence your whole decorating vignette?  I don't usually decorate a whole lot for Halloween, but I made a great find at a Goodwill store that got the ball rolling.
I found this Woof and Poof doll for only $2.99!! At first I thought she was kind of ugly and couldn't really figure out what she was. But I figured she was good enough for Halloween.
Then I got her home and noticed all the great detailing on her. She's wearing an orange, fuzzy jacket with a high taffeta-like collar, a black bow and big white rhinestone on her hat, a feathered purse, silver buckled belt, and a tulle skirt dotted with little bits of glitter. And, of course, the woof & poof button on her behind.

Then I bought a little witch picture at Marshal's and some black and brown burlap at the fabric store.
The picture is a reproduction of an old Halloween card and some embellishments.

I wrapped the black burlap around a pretty shade which made it instantly "spooky" and tied it off with a strip of natural burlap. Then I pinned it with a brooch I picked up at an estate sale.
It's really pretty and elegant in person, but works great here!

Then I looked around my house for more orange things. The only thing I came up with is this faux book, but after adding it to the vignette, I found that the only other thing I needed was a candle. I used a little ivory candle that I already had, found a free image of a crow on the internet, printed it, cut it out, and stuck it on the candle. I think it turned out pretty well!!

So far, I'd only spend about $11.00.....but then I needed the mirror....and I splurged.  I got it at a fair price, but not great. Still, I DO need a mirror on that wall. AND I did need a place to hang my hairy spider (see it in the upper right corner?)

Ta-Da!! My Halloween

Happy Halloween!!
Patricia :o)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm back - I think

The good news: I found out why I was having so much trouble with blogger.

The bad news:  It was my computer that ended up crashing!!

I bought a new computer, an iMac, which is both good and bad news. It's good because I've heard they rarely get bugs, viruses, worms etc. It's bad because of the cost AND now I have to learn how to use it.

I have a Halloween post that I'd like to put up before Halloween. Wish me luck! LOL

Patricia :o)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Is it just me....?

Is it just me, or are all of you having trouble with blogger?  I've been trying to post comments to several blogs and I keep getting this message:

Service Unavailable

Error 503
It's driving me crazy.
I'm having so much trouble either signing on, or getting into weird loops when trying to leave comments, or just that dumb message above.