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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vintage Shabby Bedroom

I have a wonderful friend. Teri, who lives in the most charming house in Santa Barbara, California. She has a very unique and eccentric style and loves to mix old with new. Her guest room is full of gorgeous linens and amazing finds. Teri loves to travel and has been all over the United States and the world, so she's always picking up little treasures.

The bedding is a mixture of brand new, kind-a old, vintage and antique. I don't know how she does it, but she throws it all together and it works. She has several embroidered and crocheted pillowcases that she uses as shams. Then she tossed on a couple vintage needlepoint tapestry pillows. Both comforters are fairly modern. The bed skirt is a stunning piece of dripping hand crochet. I don't know what it was in its previous life, but Teri turned it into a gorgeous dust ruffle. (I wish I thought of taking a close up photograph of it!)

It's difficult to see clearly, but Teri hung an antique open-work curtain above the bed as a sort of head board. It is snow white with a sweet cherub in the center done in cut work and white embroidery. She clipped on little rings and slid it all on a curtain rod near the ceiling. This is simply enchanting!

There is an antique glass covered book shelf full of some of her favorite linens. And at the food of the bed is a beautiful vintage cardboard box topped with a tole tray and several round boxes.

There are even more linens neatly stacked in a tall glass front book case. It is so much fun to go to her house and just look at all her linens. She has TONS! The wall hanging is of hand embroidered roses, and the little dresses are hand embroidered ethnic clothing.

She uses a simple but charming chest of drawers as a dresser and topped it with vintage Southern Belle prints, vases and accessories she's picked up in her travels. Every time I visit, I find she's added something new and exciting.

I LOVE what Teri's done with her lamp shade! She's draped a couple of old doilies over the top of the lamp shade. The quality of these doilies is amazing, but they have a couple of small "issues" (small holes or flaws). Layering them over the lamp shade is a marvelous way to disguise their imperfections.

Safety Note: Make sure that there is venting at the top of the shade if you copy this idea. Use low wattage bulbs and don't leave the light when you're not in the room (and awake). Doilies usually have built in vents, but 'ya gotta make sure that safety comes first.

The nightstand is draped with a embroidered vintage runner and has a lovely display of paper dolls and lace artwork, and a rose print peeking over the top of them.

There are so many things I love about this small but roomy retreat. But my favorite is the window. Vintage, white on white embroidered curtains are hung at the window for privacy. Teri had a friend hand paint a rose covered trellis all the way around it. The yellow roses are simply Divine! And the detail in the iron work is amazing. What a wonderful way to finish off this charming room!


Kathleen Grace said...

The whole room is divine! Thank you for sharing this:>)

rosechicfriends said...

Why hello, and thanks for stopping by my blog. I love to get to know other bloggers and will check back to see what you write. I love this room of your friends and WOW, to all of those wonderful linens!

Diana said...

It is lovely -- I really like those two throw pillows on the bed - they are so rich looking. I love this style, but don't have it in my house -- just bits and pieces here and there, though I love to look at it. It's like eye candy. Thanks for visiting my blog -- i certainly enjoyed yours.

bj said...

Ummmmm...this is a wonderful room...I can see why you love it!
Thanks for stopping by my place..I am always glad to hear from you!
hugs, bj

bee'nme said...

Wow, wow, wow - so much beauty all in one small space - just lovely, every bit of it! I love the hanging cutwork piece behind the bed - how ingenious and charming! And goodness - what a treasure trove of linens!!! They look great displayed on those shelves! And don't get me started on the painted trellis/roses - just too beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

I posted an earlier post today from the one you commented on, and it tells the story of my awesome purchase of linens this weekend...along with other pretties. I thought about you when I was writing about the linen treasures since you're the queen of linens! :o)

Take care - blessings to you!
Becky S.

Julie said...

I LOVE your blog and am going to add you to my favorites! Thanks for coming by to visit mine and leaving the funny comment about chickens.

I love to garden and am a Texas if you ever want plant suggestions, I can probably at least give you some ideas.

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi, I found your sweet comment on my blog, and thank you for coming by! I just love Teri's house. And I loved reading all of your posts.I am going to put you on my favorite links lists for others to enjoy! blessings, Kathleen

the homely year said...

Very pretty...I'm sure I could never put anything together like this to such good effect. Love the eiderdowns.
Margaret and Noreen

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

If ever I was a guest in that room, she would have a difficult time convincing me to leave! LOL Its dreamy!


Kari & Kijsa said...

What a fabulous bedroom!! Happy Mother's Day! Hope you had a wonderful day with your family.

kari & kijsa

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Just beautiful! I think I could sit for hours in front of that cabinet going through those linens in there! Thanks so much for sharing. I just loved it! Cora

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I love this cozy room and the vast assortment of linens. Very English looking with all of the mixing of colors and texture.

What a collection she has indeed! I can see why you love to visit. You both have so much in common, too.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a lovely room your friend has created. I'd love to get a peek at all those linens behind glass doors- incredible!

Domestically Inclined said...

I have truly enjoyed browing through your site! I am a sahw after homeschooling two sons, married for 25 years and am beginning to enjoy a bit of what you have already created. God is so good to instill us women a need for beauty to surround us and the skill to create it. It doesn't compare to His handiwork, but it does employ the hands of His servants in worthwhile endeavors.
I'll be back!

ByLightOfMoon said...

Your bedroom you show is really inspiring and so beautiful, a fine decorator for sure! I was wondering about the lamp shade so thanks for explaining it further down your post. I think if it is vintage it does not have to be perfect,
I saw your entry into the Glad Tidings Primative Blog and Lea of Farmhouse Blessings is a sister also.
I am Cyndi of ByLightOfMoon.blogspot and I will be back to see more also. I would love to sit down and see what is inside the beautiful cabinets, so many charming pleasures I am sure.

Thanks for sharing and your kangaroo visit above is awesome! Great day to carry your camera, I am learnig to always have mine with me.

smiles, cyndi

TattingChic said...

I have an iron bed, too and I love it. It's the best part of the room. Thanks for sharing.