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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Favorite Linens

I love to work with old linens and admire the beautiful hand work done on them. Most of the time I find them, clean them up a bit and sell them. But every once in a while, I'll come across something I really like. Then I KEEP it!

This gorgeous single pink rose pillowcase is expertly hand embroidered. I wish you could see the tiny even stitches this master embroider did. The leaves are done in slightly different colored greens that gives this such a life-like appearance. A beautiful pink and white hand crocheted trim goes all the way around the opening. And the cotton fabric is bright white with the most luxurious soft feel to it. I love it.

I can't remember where I found these adorable Days of the Week dishtowels. There were only 4 days out of seven in this set, but I didn't care. I HAD to have them when I found them. They are of little angel girls doing house work in the sky, among clouds, stars and the moon. There is so much detail in each little scene! I think they're simply adorable!

When I lived in California, I loved to have tea parties (I'm still in the process of finding friends here in Texas, so I haven't had any here yet.) This is a set of four Wilendure rose napkins which I LOVE to use with a very soft pink cotton tablecloth (also looks wonderful with a white tablecloth). It adds just enough roses to make everything so sweet and pretty. Trouble is, often times, my guests are reluctant to use them. I remind them that linens are meant to be used. Why have them if you can't enjoy them? (And besides, I can usually get out any stain that may pop up)

This is a very old piece that I love and treasure. It is a sweet little doily that is done with hand made lace. Can you believe that!? I was trying to learn the difference between newer lace and the old hand made lace, but I could find anything in real life to compare. So a very dear friend, gave this amazing piece to me. This was done with tape lace that is arranged, folded, sewn and hand attached to make up all the pretty details.

I wish my camera and I did a better job of capturing the details. This is so dainty and delicate, but amazingly sturdy. I can't even begin to imagine the love and patience it must have taken to make this.


The Romantic Portuguese Daughter said...

Oh I love them...all of them. I recently found out that my mother's embroidery work is called "Brazilian Embroidery". I guess that would make sense since we are Portuguese (not from Brazil though) Thanks so much for sharing those beautiful embroidery and lace pieces.

Pink Portuguese Roses

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Oh my, you and I could really be friends. I love Victorian decor and cottage chic, also like anything floral. I've collected linens for almost 25 years and embroidered pillow case are my favorites. I love giving tea parties and garden parties. I use my best china and linens everyday. I love to cook and working in my gardens.

So just come on over and we'll sit in the garden and drink tea.

Hugs, RoseMarie

Cami said...

My favorite are the dishtowels. I have a collection and I really use them. Even the pretty, pretty ones!

Alison Gibbs said...

Such pretty linen and my favourite has to be that beautiful rose embroidered pillowcase.

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hi Patricia, I just love the pink rose pillowcase. I don't blame you, I would not want to sell it either. If I could just let go of my linens, antique jars, dishes, and tea pots, I would already have that antique shop I always talk about opening! I would love to be invited to a tea party! I wish we lived closer. I used to throw tea parties for my daughter when she was little. All of the little girls wore hats, dresses and had their baby dolls in tow. What a sweet time! blessings, Kathleen

the homely year said...

Isn't it amazing, the work that goes into embroidery and lace? Such talent! Everything you've shown us is just gorgeous.
Margaret and Noreen

Edie Marie's Attic said...

They are ALL beautiful!

Julie said...

I love love love the pillow case and would have kept it too!

Hey Beorne is one of my all time favorite places too. I go there a couple of times a year and did a Small Town Review of it on my blog. Other great little towns to visit are Guerne (pronounced Green) and Fredericksburg. That area is very German influenced - which means really good (and fattening) food!

I tried to host an outdoor party this year when my family was visiting ...and we were rained on - frequently! :0(

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, the lace is amazing and love the dish towels!
Sandra Evertson

Drewzel said...

I love the Vogart DOW towels! I just mentioned them on my blog :)

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

That rose pillowslip is breathtaking! I could not have parted with it either.


Timi said...

If we lived near each other we could have tea parties! I love them and only have 1 friend that likes to tea party with me and she gets a bit sick of me wanting to "do tea" often.
Found your blog throgh Lisa at A thing for roses. Enjoyed reading and look forward to checking back.

Mary said...

I am happily reading thru your archives and we do agree on using our linens. How sad that so many beautiful things are put away for 'someday' and never enjoyed by the one who holds them. My tea party friends are also reluctant to use 'real' napkins. I mean them to be used and enjoyed. They launder and I so love ironing them and folding them for their next time to be used. You have such beautiful linens. You lucky gal!!