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Monday, July 20, 2009

Government Canyon State Park

I've been trying to loose weight by dieting for the last seven weeks and haven't lost a single pound. I truly have been eating right and very healthy, but the pounds won't budge. So, a couple of weeks ago, Floyd and I decided to start hiking. We're lucky enough to have a little state park just a few minutes from our house. It's really hot here in San Antonio (over 100 degrees for the last 30 days), so we thought we'd visit the park near sunset. The photo above was taken just as we drove out of our neighborhood.

This park is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7:00am to 10:00 pm. It's been closed since 2005 due to a flood and only just opened this June. We bought a state pass last year, so we get to come and go as we please. It's so nice to be able to do that!
Anyway, when we got there, we saw this sign with a picture of a guy hiking on the trail.

It's so funny because it looks just like Floyd from the back. The picture above is from the sign, the picture below is Floyd! I knew he was cute, but he never told me he was a model!!
I was so surprised to see how beautiful this place is. This is one of the easier trails (perfect for me) and is almost like a tunnel because the trees grow over the path. It was warm, but not really as bad as I thought it would be. There was a slight breeze that ran through the trees which made it very nice. Plus, the sun didn't really shine down on us since it was close to sunset. Perfect hike! We done several since we found this park, and so far they're all beautiful. Some, of course, are tougher than others, but all have been very do-able for us.

The whole time we're walking along the path, I'm trying not to think about rattle snakes. This little guy was laying across the path as we came along. He was very beautiful and not scary at all.

Just look at this gorgeous old oak tree! It split right down the middle many years ago and died, but has never lost its beauty. You can't tell by the picture that it's huge, but it is!

This is one of those places that will be very fun to visit at different times of the year. Because there are a lot of trails, and we have the changing seasons, there will always be something beautiful to see here.
Patricia :o)


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What a pretty (top) photo, I love when the sun shines through the clouds like that. I always call those streams of light "Fingers of God". Beautiful.
Funny how much that photo looks like Floyd! Thanks for sharing that.
(the snake is not so cute -- but it is a pretty shade of green ;)

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

I know how you feel about weight loss. It is such a frustrating thing to battle. Are you sure your husband didn't model for that photo?? LOL. I have never seen a green snake in our part of Texas. So pretty. Enjoy your hikes together! blessings,Kathleen

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Patricia, Thanks for visiting my blog...I am so happy to have you following me! I love your vintage linen's! I am going to check out your websites and see what goodies you have. I noticed that you live in San Antonio....I lived in Laredo, Tx for a year in the early 70's. My husband was in the USAF and we were stationed there. Being from Ohio, it was certainly a memorable experience for me at the time. I really liked living in Texas! I would really love to go to that Marburger Antique show.....maybe someday....sigh. I will have to settle for the Country Living show this fall in Columbus, Ohio.
~Hugs, Patti

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Oh my, your post brings back wonderful memories of walks and jogging behind bicycles of little ones in McAllister Park just north of the San Antonio airport.
Hoping your delightful walks can help shed those difficult extra pounds.