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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shamelss Plug!

I just HAD to share these gorgeous vintage pillowcase I have up for sale on my eBay store. I know this is a shameless plug, but I can't help myself!

If you love the chic & shabby or the romantic look. You'll LOVE these. If you love pink roses on white cotton you'll LOVE these.

These are done in the prettiest pink floss and minty green leaves. The openings are beautifully trimmed with a pink hand crocheted trim.

Just look at the gorgeous hand work! Can you just imagine the time it took to make these?

They're in excellent condition, too!

I wanted to share these beautiful pillowcases because they are just too gorgeous. Even if you're not interested in purchasing them, I thought you'd enjoy looking at them.
BUT if you are interested, you might want to act fast. They are listed as a buy-it-now for $34.99 (free shipping in United States) in my eBay store.
They'll be listed until February 9th or until some one buys them. Click Here or on any of the pictures to go to my eBay store.

SOLD - Thank you!


the rusty cupboard said...

they are beautiful I enjoy just looking at them.

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries and Eggs In My Pocket said...

Patricia, these are just lovely! Not a shameless plug at just keep showing us your pretties! blessings,Kathleen

Rose Haven said... are so pretty, Patricia!!! I see someone BOUGHT them!! Shucks, I was too late!

We're having another Blog Make-Over...come take a peek...since you seemed to be interested in the last one. We'll have ONE each week, for a while. I've made a few...and will make a few more still!


Kathleen Grace said...

Oh Patricia, thes are beautiful! I have to go check out your ebay goodies now:>)

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog said...

Very fun blog and love all the!
Just wanted to ask you to change the link address to take people to my new blog instead of the old one.
New one is Bernideen's Tea Time(notice space between Tea and Time) Blog at

English Cottage in Georgia said...

The pair (always desired) of rose pillowcases was beautiful. Boy! I was really late.
Good for you :-), Bad for me :-(
Hmm, seems a Shameless Plug is profitable. Hope to see more. LOL

Mona said...

My gosh! I cannot believe it's you! I have a pair of gorgeous pillowcases that I bought from you on my bed at this moment! They are the ones with the lovely varigated in greens crocheted edging. My favorites! I was so impressed with your packaging and every single thing you did. I have several things from you. I am so pleased to run into you on here! I am sure others have the looking forward to the new lovely linens you will be listing. I followed your instructions and went to your ME page! I know I have thanked you on ebay...but in case anyone is reading this..IF you want just the most beautiful and exquisitely laundered linens..this lady is the one to buy from. You won't be disappointed! Ever!!
Sending you a HUGE hug!!