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Friday, October 28, 2011

New and Improved Laundry Room

I've been dreaming of having a laundry room since we purchased our first home in California. The first one didn't have a laundry area and we had to do the laundry at my mom's. The second house, the washer and dryer were in the garage.

So I was thrilled when we bought our home in Texas and it had a laundry room INDOORS!!  Woo Hoo!

But, it was just four walls and the hook ups.  I needed a utility sink for soaking my linens and storage for all my other junk laundry products.

These first four pictures are the "before."  (That's me in the first one)

No real storage
Blank boring walls
Linoleum flooring

And now the "After"
Nice sunny walls and white cabinets

Big sink with sprayer and under cabinet lighting,

Super cute dish towels 

Little yellow birds doing what I do everyday...

…washing and ironing

Ceramic tile and vintage needlepoint door stop. So Cute!

The vintage iron on the left was my late mother-in-law's
The one on the right is a bank to collect loose change while doing the laundry

Adorable vintage laundry bag to collect single socks until they meet
up with their partner at the end of the month. 

 There are still a couple of tiny details that need to be finished on it, but it is fully functional. I LOVE it! The sink in this room is so practical not only because I can soak linens and wash dog bowls (not at the same time, of course! LOL), but because the garage opens into this room. So if hubby is working on the car, or my hands are muddy from gardening, we don't have to trapes through the house to wash our hands.

This room has been on my to-do list since we moved in. What a wonderful feeling to be able to line it out.

Patricia :o)


Abramyan Avenue said...

WOW!!! What a difference! It is absolutely beautiful...I love it!! I have always wanted a sink in my laundry room. My laundry room is so tiny, maybe 5x5..seriously. And I love the color on the wall. Yall did an amazing job!

FlowerLady said...

What a lovely laundry room, and what a difference cupboards make and having that sink too.

I need to work on mine, as it is a wreck. :-)

Thank you for visiting my blogs and leaving your kind comments.


Gina E. said...

I can't believe you had a house without a laundry! Most houses here have a laundry, although in recent years, some people have chosen to incorporate a laundry area into the kitchen by having a concertina door separating a small area for the washing machine and drier. In contrast, the house next door to us has a huge laundry room which I've always envied! Not only washing machine and drier, tub/trough, but drying cupboard, ironing board set up, and a table for the sewing machine for running repairs. And plenty of floor space to sort out the washing!

Hojas que caen..... said...

Patricia que lindo poder contar con lo que necesitamos, esa es una de las cosas que siempre me ha extrañado que en EEUU no tienen pila para lavar la ropa, me hago loca si no tuviera mi pilita y poder restregar lo que sea necesario , claro que la pila tuya es muy lujosa, esa es la que tengo en la cocina para lavar los platos y aquí le llamamos fregadero, te felicito porque cumpliste tu sueño y el Señor te dió vida para poder disfrutarlo, que bueno que regresaste.Besos.Olga.

Gina E. said...

Me again - thanks for your comment on my sexy little witch! I think she is sexy too, but I didn't want to offend any of my readers, so I didn't type that in my description! I love your plans for Halloween! We have a longish driveway too, and sixteen steps to the front door, so it is no wonder we don't get many kids knocking on our door for Halloween. Next year if the weather is okay, I might set myself up at the end of the drive and wait for kids with my treats, lol!

Solange Belém said...

Olá, Patrícia, que surpresa boa!
Wow, sua lavanderia está um luxo, muito linda!


evele said...

Very Nice Patricia! looks fancy, love the washer and dryer too!

Julie said...

The super cute linens made it all work... without them - it would be just another laundry room!! It looks beautiful!!

Solange Belém said...

Patrícia, venho te abraçar e desejar um feliz ano novo para você e sua família.
FELIZ 2012!

Hugs and kisses


Shine said...

Woohoo!!! Way to go! I am just "a little" jealous of such a great space for a chore that's not always so much fun:) Oh well, I do believe one day I might get a great laundry space too:) Blessings~~Shine

Debbie said...

What a lucky girl you are and I absolutely love it!! My washer and dryer are in my unfinished basement!!

pamscottieboy said...

LOVE the finished envious! Mine is in the garage at this house. I am grateful that it's inside :)