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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Story of Mr. Bingles

 Once or twice a year, I go to California on a linen shopping trip. My sister-friend Colleen, above, and I always shop at a wonderful antique store (can't remember the name of it since we just walk in without looking at the sign LOL).
 These gorgeous curtain panels ($198.00/each) are made of white, off white or taupe linen. They're stunning!

 The same dealer uses linen and canvas to upholster old benches, make pillows, etc.

 This amazing white linen tablecloth is beyond words beautiful in person. Unfortunately, it's way out of my budget ($200.00). However, inspiration is priceless, and this definitely inspired me to create my own linen items.
 Anyway, back to Mr. Bingles.  While looking and digging for treasures, I found an adorable vintage cement cat tucked away under a dresser. He's a Siamese cat and even has blue eyes. He was marked at $88.00 in the antique store, but I was able to talk them down to $50.00.  Sounds like a pretty good deal...
 However, I was visiting CA, but live in TX. He weighs 16 pounds and I had to ship him home.
 Here's Colleen calming him down before putting him in the $23.00 box and peanuts for shipping. Plus I had to pay postage at $22.00. It cost me $45.00 to ship him!! LOL
But I HAD to have him to watch my pond.

Isn't he too cute! Mr. Bingles, you're worth all $95.00 to me.


Char said...

Mr Bingles is perfect to watch over the fish. I bet he is getting hungry too. I am so glad you brought him home and didn't leave him behind. He is adorable, Char

Mary said...

Oh my word he is fabulous! And perfect for watching over the pond!! I am in love with him.

Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

What a fun trip to California! I love going to California since that is where I grew up and all my family is still there ~ I miss it!
The ruffle linens are beautiful and Mr. Bingles is so cute!!


BronwynB said...

Mr Biggles is wonderful. I can't blame you at all for having to take him home. I would have done exactly the same thing. What a perfect place for him beside the pond. He's keeping a very close eye on those gold fish in there!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bingles looks so much better guarding your pond than in the store! He almost looks real. You did good!

P.S. It's good to see you back.

Marian Phillips said...

I love your blog. I just stumbled upon it while I was looking for tablecloths. I am very interested in the beautiful linen tablecloth that is pictured in this entry. Could you tell me the name of the store that you got your cement cat from? thanks!

Marian Phillips said...

I love your blog. I happened to stumble upon it while I was looking for tablecloths. I was hoping you could share with me the name of the shop you got the cement cat from. Thanks so much!

Leah said...

Enjoyed your post! Nice to find another vintage linens lover. :)

Paula said...

Patricia, I think Mr. Bingles was worth every penny if he makes you smile!
(He made me smile, too!)

seanymph said...

I think hes purrrrrfect :) Sadly shipping isnt cheap. I used to drag things home on the airplane. Would take a second bag. This last time I did that thinking Ill have to pay $25 but it was ok. UM NOT. They weigh the second one and anything over 50lbs is more. I had a couple books in there thinking it would be ok and a few other things coming home from my moms. It ended up costing me $75 for that bag....add in my first one and it was another $100 added to my ticket price. Oh and $25 for the first bag coming out. My cheap fare wasnt so cheap after all :(.

FlowerLady said...

I love Mr. Bingles. He really is adorable and looks like he's doing a great job over looking your pond.