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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Goodbye, Mom Nadine

Three weeks ago, we went to visit my husband's mother, Nadine, in Oregon. We had planned on going in June, but for some reason, we decided to go in March.

Two weeks ago, we got the terrible news that she had passed away. We were in shock. We had just seen her!

This week, we had to fly out to Oregon again for her funeral. My poor husband. It was so hard on us all, but mostly him. Thank God we decided to go visit in March! Thank you, Lord!

She was an amazing woman who lived through the depression, World War II, raised 5 children and loved the Lord.  She was a gardener, crafter, sewer, and a righteous, loving woman.

Thank you to the ladies who've noticed that I haven't been on my blog lately. What a blessing to have such sweet friends.



Deanna said...

Our condolences to your family my darling. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Our prayers are with you
Deanna and Marshall

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Patricia,

I am so sorry you have lost your dear Mother-in-law....your husbands Mother Nadine sounds like she was a wonderful woman to know.
I pray that the Lord comforts you and your husband and family during this time and beyond.
I too am grieving...I lost my most beloved kitty Sam yesterday.

Gods Blessing always,


BronwynB said...

So sorry to hear of your loss Patricia. How comforting it must be to have shared those last precious moments, for her as well as for you.
My sincere condolences, Bronwyn

Blondie's Journal said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Thank goodness you got to see her one last time. Sending prayers your way.


Ninu said...

condolences to you and your family. pray for her soul!

Lovey said...

Blessings to you and your family.

Robin W. said...

My sincere condolences and sympathy to you and your family. Nadine sounds like a wonderful and inspiring woman that we can all admire.

Robin from Robin's Nest Treasures

Simply Debbie said...

Hi Patricia,
I am so sorry about your mother in law Nadine. I know heaven has to be so beautiful we can't even imagine it and what Jesus has in store for us must be over the top awesome... and I can't even begin to imagine how sad it makes you feel to not be able to hug her but I do know how it feels to lose your only daughter to cancer...and to trust God with your grief.You know they are not suffering any more but my daughter has been gone about a year and a half and there are times the grief is unbearable.
I too, love vintage linens...they just whistle to me and I swoon the minute I see them...all that work. I do not have any with birds however.
I will keep you, your husband and children in my prayers.
Have a peaceful and relaxed Sunday
Simply Debbie

Elsina said...

I am so sorry for your loss. My sincerest condolences, wishing you strength to overcome these difficult days and keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Rose Haven said...

What sad news...and what a blessing that you had visited her recently. You'll all be in our prayers.


Donna said...

Sometimes I think you have a bit of intuition at serves you well...that little voice that tells you to do something. Yours worked well and allowed you a bit of good-bye. Sympathies to you and your husband. She looks like a wonderful lady!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

It is such a difficult time when we lose our parents. I am so sorry, but I am so happy for you that you got to see one last time. It was meant to be. Give our condolences to your dear husband. I know loss and it is not an easy time. May God bless and comfort your family.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

You will always have my friendship, dear. Take good care and we hope to see you again soon.
We will all be here waiting for your return....

GardenofDaisies said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mother in law. And I'm so glad you were able to visit her one last time before she passed away. Sending hugs to you and your husband and p raying that you will feel comforted at this time of grief.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I am sorry for your loss.
Your early visit seems like divine providence.


Oh, my dear friend, I am so sorry for your loss. Patrícia, my condolences to you and family.

Paula said...

So sorry for your family, Patricia... my prayers are with you.

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Patricia, I just stopped by from Timeless Things and am so sorry to read of your family's loss. I am holding each of you close in prayer tonight as you do the hard work of grieving

I, too, am a vintage linen lover (and seller) and would love to correspond with you some day when you feel up to it. Unfortunately, I don't see a way to email you, so I hope you'll stop by my blog and drop me a note sometime.

Julie said...

Oh what a blessing to have such a woman in your life. So sorry she passed.
Not a day goes by that I do not yearn for my Mother... I know how much your heart must hurt..

Warm Hugs Design said...

Patricia so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful blessing that you and your husband had in visiting and having some special time with her before she passed. May that memory give you some comfort.

I haven't been on my blog in months (my mother issues) so just now catching up with my "blog friends". Take care!

Warm hugs,

Bernideen said...

I just scrolled down and saw that your mother in law passed away. i am so glad you got to see her before she went home to be with the Lord.