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Sunday, September 26, 2010

26th Wedding Anniversary celebrated at Tower of the Americas

San Antonio Skyline

Last Wednesday, September 22, we celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary.  Mr. VLT made reservations at a "fancy" restaurant, but wouldn't tell me where it was.

It turned out to be the Tower of the Americas in Down Town San Antonio. It has a revolving restaurant at the top that makes a complete revolution in one hour. The elevators sit on the outside of the tower and have glass fronts so you can see the city during the ascent and descent. It goes up and down so fast it's almost like an amusement park ride.
Out side of the Tower, is a gorgeous (man-made) fountain and waterfall. It looks like the water might be flowing over an ancient Aztec temple. We got a picture of us, but forgot to get one of the fountain.

This is the view we're greeted with as we walk into the restaurant. It was so cool because the hostess came to the elevator and greeted us by name. They knew we had been on our way up.
The menu was personalized with a message and our names.  It may sound like a silly little thing, but it made me feel special.
We shared a glass of champagne. The bottom is filled with hibiscus  nectar and a hibiscus flower that opened up as we drank the champagne. This was FABULOUS!  We even ate the flower at the bottom. It was really good.
For appetizers:  We had the most delicious crab-stuffed mushrooms. (I wanted to lick the plate)
I had halibut topped with crab and lobster, roasted asparagus and tomatoes, and a yummy cheese risotto.
Mr. VLT had THE most delicious prime steak and garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli. (on a separate plate). This steak was fabu-licious!
The sun began to set as we finished our meal. We were facing West, just as planned by Mr. VLT. It was so romantic. The we split dessert: Macadamia nuts and Carmel New York style cheese cake. I didn't think we'd be able to finish it all...but we did!!!
Above the restaurant is walk enclosed by glass that goes all the way around the tower. It was SO windy.  I had a couple of Marilyn Monroe moments.  And, yes, Mr. VLT got pictures at just the right moments with my dress flying WAAAAY up.  And no, I'm not posting them. LOL!
It's hard to appreciate the beauty of the city lights in this photo. You'll just have to believe me that is was wonderful.  It was such a beautiful and romantic evening. We had so much fun. It's definitely one of those places you have to visit if you come to San Antonio.

Patricia :o)


Terri Gordon said...

Hello, Congratulations, how wonderful. Your post is just beautiful and I can see how happy you both are. Many, many more years. Thank you for sharing. Terri

Pear tree cottage! said...

O! how beautiful from the ride up to the "just the two of us!" moments on the walk after dinner around the top.........I loved how special it all was.......26th anniversary "purfect evening" I would say.......well done to your husband on planning such a great night for "his lady" Lee-Ann

Vintage Quilts and Linens said...

Congratulations! And kudos to Mr. VLT for choosing the most romantic place in San Antonio to treat the love of his life! Spectacular views, exceptional service, and delectable food ... what an exquisite way to celebrate such a special occasion.
It's a wonder that you got so many pictures - I know y'all spent most of the evening looking dreamily into each others eyes.

Paris Atelier said...

Happy Anniversary!!! What an amazing night :) I love that Mr. VLT planned that for you. Miss you bunches!!! I always want to pick up the phone to call you and just girl talk. I love your dress and the champagne, how delicious!
Love you!!!

Sherry said...

It is wonderful to read about couples celebrating a marriage of over 25 years. Your post was lovely and I can see that this was a very special evening and that your husband did a great job planning.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

What a wonderful, romantic special evening for both of you! I have never been up there but I have seen the tower from the interstate when we lived down there. San Antonio is such a beautiful city...I am glad we got to spend so much time in it when we were first married 38 years ago! Happy Anniversary!~Hugs, Patti

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Happy 26th Anniversary!!!
Looks like you two had a fabulous time!! Thanks for sharing!

Diana said...

Hey, congrats!!! Special time together......

Dorthe said...

Hi Patricia,
Congratulations, what a special evening it must have been, and a wonderfull gift from your husbond.
Thanks for your sweet visit, your blog looks very beautifull, and I will come back for visits.

Ninu said...

that was a very lovely post!!both of u look so happy!!Congratulations!!and wishing u many more happy years..

Shine said...

Congratulations! We just celebrated our 28th....quite an accomplishment for us both:) I always enjoy visiting your blog...always come away feeling inspired! I have given you a blog award. Please forgive me if you don't participate in these. Here is the direct link.
many blessings~Shine

Warm Hugs Design said...

Happy Anniversary Patricia! Loved the post - so sweet. Looking forward to your next one...

Warm hugs,

Deanna said...

Que bonita te miras!!
What a romantic that Mr. VLT is!! I'm glad you had a wonderful time at the Tower. We love it up there.

Missing you terribly
Deanna :D

fannipauline said...

What a wonderful weekend you must have had. I have never been there - but I understand it is awesome and the sights of NYC are beyond description and the lights amazing.........Pauline