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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bastrop - Part 2

Owners: Bill and Shawn Pletsch

While we were in Bastrop, we stayed at a wonderful Bed and Breakfast called the Pecan Street Inn (click on the name to go to their web site). I forgot to take a picture of the outside house while we were there, so I borrowed the photo from their website.

The house was moved from it's original location and was rolled to it's present location on logs!!! Because of this, the front door was around the side and we walked through a cute little gate and up to a little courtyard that led us to the door.

Make a right at the courtyard, and walked up a couple of steps.

We were greeted by this adorable kitty. He wasn't laying around when we arrived. He walked right up to us and led us to the door, where he wound our legs waiting to be petted. He was always waiting for us when we came and went from the inn.

We had a key, and as we let ourselves in, we were awed by this beautiful entry. To the left is the stairs going up. To the right, is the parlor (living room) below. There's my hubby making himself at home.

This is the fireplace in the parlor and a bit of the entry is visible through the huge pocket doors.

This is the other side of the parlor leading into the formal dining room through another set of giant pocket doors.

Here's part of the eat in kitchen. We had breakfast in both rooms which was fun to us that we got to use as many rooms in the house as possible.

This is a built in china hutch. The original glass door slides UP into the wall!! How cool is that!? It has lighting, too, but I didn't think to turn them on for the photo.

The kitchen is a real working kitchen. Bill makes the yummiest breakfasts in here!! Both Bill and Shawn are the friendliest, most down to earth people. They will make you feel at home and at the same time make you feel like royalty!

This is our room. It has a king size bed that is very comfortable.

More of our room.

We even had a working fireplace, but it was a little too warm, being July, to use it. Though we did sit in front of it while playing dice.

This was our private bathroom. It wasn't dark at all. Not sure why the photo came out so dark. Trust me, though, it was very, very spacious.

This is one of the other rooms, with a small private bath.

This is a little sitting room to the 3rd bedroom upstairs. And the photo below is the private bathroom.

This is the 3rd bedroom. When we arrived, Shawn told us we were the only ones in the house and had a pick of the rooms. We liked the one with the fireplace the best, though all of them are very nice and comfy.

This is a very old house and it is a little squeaky at times. Though I try to tell myself that I don't believe in ghosts, I can't help but be nervous when in older homes. Shawn assured me that there are no ghosts, spirits, etc. I had my doubts. I will admit that I was a little scared that first night as I prepared for bed. But, I have to tell you, as soon as I lay down, I had such a sense of peace and security. The house was quiet, peaceful and filled with a sense of "good." I don't know how to explain it, but there were no fears or apprehension again.

If you're ever in Bastrop and need a place to lay your head, I would easily recommend Pecan Street Inn. The prices are reasonable and very affordable, and they are in the heart of the historic district. Everything is within minutes of walking or driving. Just click here to check out their website and get all the info you need.

Patricia :o)


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I've actually stayed there!
And you are so right, it's a fabulous place. :-)

Have a wonderful Friday!

Debbie said...

What a beautiful Bed and Breakfast!
I hear you about older houses having ghosts. I bought my 102 year old house last November, and I have a very friend ghost. He shares the scent of his tobacco pipe on Sunday mornings. He is very welcoming to guests though. :) I've had several of my psychic friends walk through my house, they say he was a Dr. who lived here.

Bernideen said...

What a great place - and all to yourselves! The kitty was an added bonus.