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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fun Finds

After 2 1/2 years of living in San Antonio, we're still finding our way around. We'd heard of a flea market north east of us called Bussey's Flea Market, but weren't too excited about visiting it because, so far, all the flea markets in our area sell cheap new things. But we read some reviews and decided to make a day of it. It's not the kind of flea market I'm used to from So. CA (Like the Rose Bowl in Pasadena), but it was SO MUCH better than I expected!

I fell in love with this vintage wedding dress! It's a size 7/8 so I'm not sure if it will fit M'lady (my dress form). AND it has to be cleaned some how. But I couldn't pass it up. It has metal snaps, hooks and zipper.
It's all layers upon layers of lace. I only found one or two tiny tears on the sleeves, and it is in otherwise wonderful shape. However, I do need to wash it...

I got it for so cheap, that I think I'm going to risk soaking it in a tub of Oxyclean and rinse with cool water, gently squeeze the water out by rolling it up in towels, and then line dry. It smells old and musty and I can't stand the thought of bringing into the house, so it's hanging in the garage by my car.

There's not a lot of adornment. Just lots of lace and a few sprinkles of sparkles.

At first I couldn't find any decent linens, affordable or otherwise. Then I hit the jack pot!! There was a wonderful older lady who had most of these linens priced a little high. They were marked, but I asked the price anyway. She knocked $3 to $5 dollars off of each. Suddenly, they were VERY affordable and in GREAT shape. I even have some of them up for sale already in my eBay store.

I also picked up this little cherub compote plant holder thingy for only $2.00! I thought it was vintage until I got him home and looked at the bottom. It had a store price tag for $5.95. I guess it doesn't matter. He's cute, he's affordable, and he'll be vintage someday, right?

I got this old plant stand for only $5.00!! I think the guy made a mistake. There was a smaller one that I heard his wife quote $10.00. It pays to ask, even if you think you know what the price is. I hope the husband didn't get in trouble...

Can you believe I got this fishing basket for $10.00??? It's pretty old from what I can tell. It has leather and canvas straps. I've seen these at antique stores for $95.00 and up. I was so happy to get this for my hubby. And look what was inside...

...these adorable hand crocheted and embroidered baby shoes! The guy selling the basket gave them to me for free. They didn't look like this when I got them, but it wasn't hard to soak them and air them dry. Too cute!
If you're interested in visiting Bussey's, their address is 18738 I.H. 35 N., Shertz, TX 78154 (210)651-6830. I wouldn't make a special trip out there, but definitely stop by if your in the area on a Saturday or Sunday.
Patricia :o)


Alison said...

Wow you did good at the market. What cute little baby shoes. Hope the wedding dress washes up ok, it is very pretty

Val said...

Great finds! I particularly like the cute little booties. I love that someone took the time to make such lovely, delicate little booties, despite the fact that they would only be worn for a short time.

Lisa Macomber said...

ohhh keep the fishing basket for yourself!! It would be darling dressed up with something would appreciate it more than dear ole hubby LOL!! Great finds...

Rose Haven said...

You got some real bargains!!! I love the linens and the baby booties...but I especially love the wedding reminds me of my first wedding gown...when I was 19...and marrying the man that would be my boy's father.

Come for a visit and see the wedding pictures from my oldest son's (he's 40) wedding last weekend.

Julie said...

That looks like a place to find lots of treasures! I love that..and you are right - that fish basket was a real deal!!!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

You got some great treasures. That dress is beautiful!!! And the little booties are so cute! I was in San Antonio for the HemisFair many, many years ago, but loved the city. My Mother is from Texas, so I have spent lots of time there over the years. Love & blessings from NC!

Solange said...

Hola querida amiga, ¿cómo estás?
sí, Patrícia, great finds!
Ese vestido es muy bonito, muy pomposo y muy elegante.
Al igual que otros productos, son una gran adquisición. Te felicito!
Abrazos y cariños


Anonymous said...

You found some great stuff! I love to find bargains like that. What are you going to do with the wedding dress?

Anonymous said...

For years my family has used Joy dish washing detergent in cool water, to soak lace, linens and handwork. I would soak the wedding dress overnight in the bathtub, drain and soak again then follow with the rest of your procedure as outlined. I'd save the oxyclean for if it's not a bright and pretty as you want after using the Joy.

Deanna said...

I'm so happy for you! The dress is a knockout and I I loved those sweet booties. The basket looks like a fishing creel. You definitely found some great finds!

Deanna :D

GardenofDaisies said...

the lace on that wedding dress is so pretty!!! I LOVE those baby shoes! And your vintage linens look lovely... I will have to go take a better look at your store.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Looks like some great finds! I had my dad's old fishing creel but I had it outside on display and it fell apart :-( Have fun washing that wedding gown....That's going to be a job but worth it in the end!~Hugs, Patti

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog !

I so know what you mean about trying to find flea markets like the Rose Bowl ~ I am from California too ~
I have to tell you though that Canton is amazing if you have not been there !! Oh my gosh I LOVE it !! My family from California plans their trips around Canton ~

You found some awesome treasures ~


Sewn With Grace said...

Love your treasures! I found your blog through Kathy's Cottage and have become a follower!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

That's encouraging that you found such great stuff! When I went to Bussey's, it was mostly bootleg DVD's and sunglasses.

We should meet up and go to Trade Days in Fredericksburg which is once a month, it's awesome!

Have a very safe and Happy Fourth of July!

Warm Hugs Design said...

Oh my gosh Patricia that wedding gown is breathtaking! Love the vintage linens know they are my addiction (heehee). Thanks for sharing.

Warm hugs,

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How cute are those linens?!! You certainly did score big time there!!

Have a sweet day! Oh, and btw, I am thinking that I bought that scottie apron, the one you commented on, from you years ago. Maybe?


PS: that is a crepe myrtle bush, too. it has gone nuts this year!!

Barbara Jean said...

That wedding dress is beautiful, and the little shoes too sweet.

I bought a plant stand just like that one two weeks ago. I'd never seen one with the big bowl at the top before, and now here is another one.

sounds like it was worth the trip.

barbara jean

Anonymous said...

Oh, those baby shoes are gorgeous! I love that wedding dress and the plant stand. You done good!

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

What treasures! That wedding dress is gorgeous!

fabriquefantastique said...

you did I bought a filthy real Cowichan jacket last week, usual soak in Eucalan, tons of dirt flowed out, but didn't shift the grime around the neck and cuffs, so with only $5 to lose, I soaked it in Oxy, then shoved it in the washing machine (I have a Miele) on 'wool'...came out wonderful, sold the next day. I'm your latest follower.

Solange said...

Hello, Patricia, my dear friend!
I have a stamp "Blog of Gold", there on my blog. Wish to accept it, is offered to you with great affection.


Jeanne said...

I have found some old linnens that are cotton muslin and they are 100% but dingy yellow in the center. DO you have a good recipe to make them whilte again? It's even hard to clean my regular flour sack dish towels. How to your clean these?
Jeanne- Greensbor NC

Protector of Vintage said...

Love all the treasures you found...especially the cute baby booties!!!

Sherry said...

Wonderful finds. I love the sweet baby shoes. I have a bag of clothing that had been my Aunts, I will have to pull them out and see what I can do to clean them up. Thanks for sharing.