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Thursday, January 7, 2010

M'Lady and her nightgowns

M’Lady is finished and is showing off some of her my favorite night gowns. I didn’t even know I had a nightgown collection until Deanna of Timeless Things asked me if I still collected vintage nightgowns. She pointed out that I have several at home and that I was always looking for them when we went shopping. Huh! I didn’t realize that!

Now that M’Lady is presentable, I can show some of them off.
I'm not sure if this is a robe or part of a wedding dress. All I know is that it's gorgeous! I found this at a Goodwill store for only $9.99!!

It's supper long and goes all the way down to my feet. I'm almost 5'8" so that's amazing to me (now if it would only go around my middle).

All the little beads and sequence are hand sewn.

This nightgown is pretty old. I think it is home made. It's also very long, which I LOVE. The seams are all done with a tiny French seam. The original pale taupe-yellow ribbon still runs through the eyelet lace at the collar.

This is another of my favorites. It's made of soft cotton. The detail on this one is beautiful!

It also had a taupe-yellow ribbon, but was in bad shape so I pulled it out. I'm looking for a vintage ribbon replacement.

Just check out the details. This nightgown looks small but is actually large enough to fit me. It's very comfortable, but I'm afraid to wear it.

I found this little nightie at the Salvation Army for $1.00! It's probably from the late 50's early 60's and is made of the softest pink nylon.

I'm pretty sure I won't be wearing this one for a very long time. It's a tiny 32 bust. It's very femine and delicate. I wish they still made them like this...
Patricia :o)
PS: Here's M'Lady all nice and clean.


Leslie~Cedar Rose Cottage said...

Good afternoon, Patricia! It is so good to see you are posting again. My mom and I love to see your latest linen treasures and the little lovlies you find :-) Also, mom and I believe that your gorgeous lacy robe in the first photo is part of a victorian ladies bridal "penoir" set. Can you imagine a new husband's smile when his bride wears this their first night? You really have an incredible find that is so very pretty.
On another note, a bit sad I am afraid. Mom and I have both purchased precious vintage linens from you, and I know she has enjoyed your blog these last couple of years. This is the reason I am sharing this with you. My mother has been admitted to a hospice program and I most likely have less than six months left with her. No telling for sure, so I will treasure every little thing we do and share. I am grateful to have the awesome support of the people who deal with end of life issues every day and still remain pleasant and supportive. Well, my point is, that I would ask if you would please include her in your thoughts and prayers and pray for this time to be as positive and pain-free as can be hoped for. Well, thank you for sharing M'Lady and her "nighties"; I enjoyed seeing them and they gave me a smile for the day. Hope you are having a wonderful week, and at least better weather than the dreary wet cold rain that we are having in Oregon. --Leslie and Judith

Gina E. said...

Hi Patricia, your model is being put to good use! What a wonderful way to exhibit those beautiful items of clothing you have in your collection. I often wish I had something to display my aprons on, other than draping them over the clothes horse in my kitchen!

Julie said...

Oh - I love vintage (especially victorian) clothing! Your collection is beautiful!!! I just posted about some antique gloves I purchased. It is on the

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

She is beautiful! OH to have a lovely figure like that! Those nities you have found, rather I should call them "gowns" as they deserved to be called anything but a "nitie" :)
I KNEW I would love her when she was finished and I do! You are SO clever! You did a fantastic job rehabbing her!

Anonymous said...

Patrica, glad to see your blog today and I love seeing M'Lady in her finery. I miss so all of your lovely lines on ebay..I also have a Lady but she is already fixed with permanet lace and frills..when I saw her at an antique mall she had a home...I love all of the gowns you put on M'Lady. I also wear cotton frilly night gowns in the winter & summer. My grandson calls me "The Queen". It can not get any better than that..xoxo Vera

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Patricia, and thank you for visiting me at my blog... yours is lovely... your collection of vintage nighties is so very pretty, I especially love the pink one! I am off to read your older posts now... xoxo Jule Marie

Rose Haven said...

I love your M'Lady. And the lacey cover-up is astoundingly beautiful!

I have a "Lady", too...her name is Pauline. She helps out at my Tea Parties. Everyone always loves her!! She never spills a drop!


pamscottieboy said...

Hi from sunny Florida! Loved catching up on your blog. Great job on M'Lady AND beautiful gowns. You are so right about not making them like they used to...just no comparison.

I had to laugh when you said that you didn't know you had a nightgown collection...I recently discovered a collection of my own ...paperweights! My mom left me several and I guess I've picked up several more in thrift shops and garage sales over time. I put them all together on the top shelf of my curio and VOILA! they look beautiful when the light is on.

I posted some pictures of the shop I'm in now...sooo cramped! sigh

xxx & blessings to you

KeKe said...

OMG!!!! I LOVE the white lace robe/dress....I can't believe it was only $9.99!! I love vintage clothes too~
I'll be back...


Paris Atelier said...

Okay, I love that gal an her wardrobe is delicious, however, I can't stopp looking at that stunning dresser in the background!! So pretty!

Janet said...

Hi Im visiting from another blog! She is Canadian but right now I dont have her blog in front of me. Wanted to say Hi and that I found it fascinating reading about how you fixed up your M'Lady. Wow Id like to have one too! I My husband is British and I brought alot of linens home from Scotland after living there for a few years with him. Linens what a way of life they had! Youre are very lovely!I have a blog come over and visit!
Janet in Houston ox