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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Easy Pillowcase Project

Have you ever come across a wonderful vintage pillowcase that was too damaged to be used, but too beautiful to pass up? The great thing is that you can usually get them at the lowest prices ever because nobody wants them. And when you find that special pillowcase, you can make this!

To make this sweet little pillow, all you need is about 9" to 10" of the open edge. Take off the back side of the pillowcase and reserve it for later. The front side of the pillowcase is usually where all the hand work is done and should measure around 20" x 9" or so, depending on the design and pillowcase size. Fold it in half, short sides together, with the wrong side facing in, and sew along the short end. Press seam so that it's centered on the back, and sew along the top. (I should have taken pictures at each step, but didn't think about it until it was too late).

For this pillow, I used the crocheted edge of the back of the pillowcase to use at the top. I just slipped it in before sewing up the top. Use the left over fabric of the pillowcase to make the little pillow for the inside. I used a scrap piece of fabric with tiny checks of pink and white so that the crocheted skirt would show off better.

I like the back to be pretty, too, so I added a pink bow and a vintage-looking pink rose in the center.

Now you know how to rescue a beautiful pillowcase that may have seen better days. You only have to sew a few straight lines, and that's it! Super easy!


Mary said...

Patricia, the pillow is beautiful. I love the crochet insert and edging. The back is the finishing touch. Where do you have it in your home?

Kathleen Grace said...

I just love this! You and I share a love for these old pillowcases. I tell my husband that I can usually pick up a set of these for less than brand new plain cases and they are so much softer and prettier.

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Thank you Kathy and Mary! I had this in my guest room for 2 days, then gave it away to a neighbor who fell in love with it.
Patricia :o)

Devonia said...

Patricia, that's just soooo beautiful. Who wouldn't yearn to have it. Lucky you. My bests, Devonia

Dani said...

Thanks, Patricia..I've always wanted to know how to make something like this...its just lovely....more, more!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh Patricia, that is just beautiful. You did a wonderful job!!

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

What a sweet idea! Also so glad you are ok from the storm! The pictures looked scary! Have a safe and happy weekend!blessings, Kathleen

Kathleen Grace said...

My daughter University is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours drive from home, so not so far that we wont see her sometimes. I still have oldest daughter at home attending a local university so we aren't complete empty nesters yet:>)

Solange Belém said...

Olá Patrícia,
Te saludo por eso, belo trabalho, muy hermoso. Tu és una artista.


countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Patricia...thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting! I absolutely love your pillow cases. I wish I was talented enough to embroider like you do. Just beautiful!


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Thanks Michele! I do know how to embroider, but all the lovely pillowcases here are vintage and are beautifully done by other ladies long ago. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you again soon.
Patricia :o)

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Hi Patricia,

Thanks for visiting our blog on PINK SATURDAY!! Your new old pillow is just beautiful!! I love old linens, too!


Bluebirdy said...

Dear Patricia;
What a beautiful blog! I have been making these items since I was 12 years old, and made enough to fill 2 hope chests, until a hurricane (you know about those!) destroyed them all. I was so very amazed to see which ones you chose to photograph, because at least 8 of these are the exact patterns I used in the 60s!! I later got into counted cross stitch and put my husband through school selling my work, but now I don't have the concentration for counting each tiny square, so I will probably go back to this type of embroidery again. The white doily with pink roses, I have about 3 sets of those in my house. My mother and grandmother also crocheted beautifully and made the one mentioned above and the southern belle pattern. Every item that I embroidered, Mom would put a beautiful crocheted edge on. Have you ever checked on ebay for these items? So many estate sales have these items. Our secret for cleaning old ones with discolorations are oxy clean and or/clorox for colors. The whites come out as if they were bleached, and the colors are still bright. I am just starting a vintage blog a, would it be alright if I added your blog to my retro blog roll? Let me know, and keep up the good work!!

Shoumi Aslam said...