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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A clock that's for the Birds!

Since I'm always running short on time, I thought it would be appropriate to tell you about a great find I made a couple of months ago.

I found this beautiful porcelain clock at a church rummage sale for only $5.00!! I probably could have got it a little cheaper, but it was for the church and a good cause, so I didn't haggle. I knew it probably didn't work (it didn't) but how much could it cost, right?

How could I pass it up. LOTS of pretty pink roses, sweet little blue birds...

There are even little angels in it. It was in great shape with very little damage. I accidentally broke the tail off of this little bird. But then I lost it so I couldn't super glue it back. Oh well!

Look how sweet these pretty blue birds are at the top of the clock!

Back to the "it didn't work" part. My hubby searched the Internet and called a few places. He did find the part that had to be replaced on line. After taxes and postage it was $23.95!! Yikes! Not only that, a clock repair place told him to get it as that was a great price and those parts were soon to be discontinued.

The great news is that the part came super fast, was easy to replace and the clock works wonderfully now!! Even though my $5.00 bargain turned out to be a little on the expensive side, I think it's beautiful and worth way more than the $29.00 it cost in the end. I love it and feel very lucky to have found it.
Patricia :o)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fun Finds

After 2 1/2 years of living in San Antonio, we're still finding our way around. We'd heard of a flea market north east of us called Bussey's Flea Market, but weren't too excited about visiting it because, so far, all the flea markets in our area sell cheap new things. But we read some reviews and decided to make a day of it. It's not the kind of flea market I'm used to from So. CA (Like the Rose Bowl in Pasadena), but it was SO MUCH better than I expected!

I fell in love with this vintage wedding dress! It's a size 7/8 so I'm not sure if it will fit M'lady (my dress form). AND it has to be cleaned some how. But I couldn't pass it up. It has metal snaps, hooks and zipper.
It's all layers upon layers of lace. I only found one or two tiny tears on the sleeves, and it is in otherwise wonderful shape. However, I do need to wash it...

I got it for so cheap, that I think I'm going to risk soaking it in a tub of Oxyclean and rinse with cool water, gently squeeze the water out by rolling it up in towels, and then line dry. It smells old and musty and I can't stand the thought of bringing into the house, so it's hanging in the garage by my car.

There's not a lot of adornment. Just lots of lace and a few sprinkles of sparkles.

At first I couldn't find any decent linens, affordable or otherwise. Then I hit the jack pot!! There was a wonderful older lady who had most of these linens priced a little high. They were marked, but I asked the price anyway. She knocked $3 to $5 dollars off of each. Suddenly, they were VERY affordable and in GREAT shape. I even have some of them up for sale already in my eBay store.

I also picked up this little cherub compote plant holder thingy for only $2.00! I thought it was vintage until I got him home and looked at the bottom. It had a store price tag for $5.95. I guess it doesn't matter. He's cute, he's affordable, and he'll be vintage someday, right?

I got this old plant stand for only $5.00!! I think the guy made a mistake. There was a smaller one that I heard his wife quote $10.00. It pays to ask, even if you think you know what the price is. I hope the husband didn't get in trouble...

Can you believe I got this fishing basket for $10.00??? It's pretty old from what I can tell. It has leather and canvas straps. I've seen these at antique stores for $95.00 and up. I was so happy to get this for my hubby. And look what was inside...

...these adorable hand crocheted and embroidered baby shoes! The guy selling the basket gave them to me for free. They didn't look like this when I got them, but it wasn't hard to soak them and air them dry. Too cute!
If you're interested in visiting Bussey's, their address is 18738 I.H. 35 N., Shertz, TX 78154 (210)651-6830. I wouldn't make a special trip out there, but definitely stop by if your in the area on a Saturday or Sunday.
Patricia :o)